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We are an award- winning international firm that designs and delivers retail, leisure and corporate spaces, develops new business concepts and provides related advisory services, project managements and total strategic planning. Our portfolio of services is designed to support your business from launch to development and sustainable growth, including integrated project management.

Our corporate unit develops commercial concepts and optimizes business results, whereas our Stirixis Exclusive unit, designs and delivers bespoke private residences and offices.

Delivering More. That’s our promise. That’s our passion. Since 1996


Based on systems thinking we offer to our clientele combined services on strategy, design, execution and evolution of their business, while exploring international expansion’s possibilities.

Our strategy services comprise business planning, network asset evaluation, highest - & best-use analysis Brand and Marketing strategy, roll-out strategy, feasibility study, brand manual. International expansion, a challenging perspective, can be also guided by our services on global development strategy, roll-out strategy and franchising.

In the design field we provide master planning, architectural design, decorative and interior design, branding and graphic design, memorable experiences design, sensorial marketing and in-store communication, fit-out and C.F.M. manual.

The execution, the most important of the project’s phase, are included the engineering and management, the construction management, the author’s supervision, the tendering and the quantity surveying.

Keeping our promise to deliver more, we continue to support our clients with evolution services, as ongoing research, KPIs and Trend reports, loyalty schemes, feedback mechanisms, repositioning strategy, operations optimization, concept fine-tuning.


3.  WHY US

a)  Our Philosophy

We believe that every business can be prosperous and sustainable. One needs to find its true core value, provide a nurturing context and constantly optimize it to ensure its long-term success.

b) Our Approach

From start to finish, with a holistic approach, we proactively align all components to create emergent values, optimize output of the system and ensure sustainable growth.

c) Our Process

We implement project excellence tools and constantly ensure that your strategic goals are preserved. Budgets, time, quality, cash flow, relationships and risks are continuously addressed and managed, as they have a pivotal role for success.

Today STIRIXIS Group has offices in London, Athens and Bucharest. For more information about the company, visit www.stirixis.com.

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