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2018 DIS Arbitration Rules

The German Arbitration Institute (DIS) provides administrated arbitral proceedings pursuant to the DIS Arbitration Rules. The DIS has adopted its new Rules of Arbitration on 1 March 2018. All arbitration claims filed with DIS since then shall be governed by the new Rules of Arbitration.


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Unresolved disputes keep businesses from doing business and are costly. The 2018 DIS Rules have as their distinctive feature a focus on early conflict resolution. The idea is not new, as it was a concept included in the very first set of rules in the 1920s, but is unique in today’s international arbitration arena. The revision process leading 2018 DIS Rules specifically took the international perspective and concerns into account and presented an integrated approach suitable for any party from any country who believes that the best way of controlling time and cost is not to incur them.

Similarity between the Greek and German commercial law is widely known. We strongly believe that the DIS arbitration proceedings shall be a very useful alternative, if parties agreed to settle their disputes amicably, what in particular concerns both Greek and German trading partners.

Please register by Friday 29 Nov. 2019 here: patryk.kulig(at)




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