Jul 10


This year’s particularly important business excellence event Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2019 will be held on Wednesday, July 10, 2019 at 17:00, at the Hotel Grande Bretagne Athens. The event, to be attended by businessmen and executives of the healthiest companies in Greece, as well as representatives of the State, you are invited to attend and - if you wish - to take advantage of this event to promote your business.

The event will also be attended by members of:

  • government and main opposition MPs
  • Greece’s most vigorous business groups and business agencies
  • foreign ambassadors and embassy representatives, commercial attachés and officials of mixed chambers of commerce officials from several countries
  • finance and economy ministries and government bodies
  • mass media.

The OBJECTIVE of the event is to promote Greece’s most dynamic enterprises. Their assessment is based on specific economic indicators and criteria, including: profitability, debt burden, liquidity, equity to equity, etc. At the same time, specific factors are taken into account, such as the capital invested by companies, their human resources policy, as well as the corresponding issues of corporate and social responsibility

The event also aims to showcase: firstly, businesses and business sectors with the greatest growth prospects. Secondly, the "weapons" used by these companies to deal with the consequences of Greece’s financial crisis. Thirdly, the problems they face in the conduct of their business.

The event will present the English-language publication “Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2019” which includes the most dynamic businesses in Greece’s sectors of industry, commerce, shipping, services and tourism. This publication is released both in Greece and abroad.


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