The 2nd InvestGR Forum 2019: Foreign Investments in Greece

22.10.18 Νέα Μελών

An initiative evolving into an institution on 11 June 2019

Athens, 8 Oct. 2018 | The success of the 1st InvestGR Forum 2018, held in early July, has set the stage for a new institution in Greek public discourse among political leaders, business representatives and academics with the 2nd Forum scheduled for 11 June 2019.

InvestGR is the Forum for constructive dialogue between C-suite executives of foreign companies operating in Greece and key representatives from the political, institutional and academic spheres.

The 2nd InvestGR Forum 2019 has already drawn keen interest from major foreign multinationals, in particular in the energy, tourism and digital economy & innovation sectors, as well as from political leaders and top policy makers who are expected to take part.

InvestGR provides policymakers with invaluable information and insight, in the form of the annual survey of top foreign executives in Greece, to help draft and implement economic strategy. The results of the survey, conducted by Metron Analysis, form the basis for discussion at the Forum and, combined with analysis from Athens University of Economics and Business Professor George Pagoulatos, provides Greek leaders with a policy action plan.

Next year’s Forum is being organized under the auspices of the Representation of the European Commission in Greece, the Greek Ministry of Economy and Development, and the Athens University of Economics and Business.

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