The company BESTKO HELLAS LTD founded in April 2015 and is a subsidiary of Bestko Handelsvertretung GmbH based in Düsseldorf Germany. The main shareholder and founder of the group is Mr. K. Theodoridis Spyridon.

The Company has demonstrated rapid growth rates, which have increasingly, strengthen its presence in the market and have given the position of a large domestic investor in the retail sector of imported fresh fruits and vegetables such as: Argentinean and Brazilian Lemons, S. African, Brazilian and Uruguayan Oranges, Pineapples from Costa Rica, Bananas from Ecuador, Mango, Avocado, Lime, papaya, Dates, Garlic.

All products are available in the Greek and Balkan market either directly from Bestko HELLAS LTD either through the points Retail (Super Markets) or through wholesalers strategic partners.

The object of the company's business covers only the range of marketing fresh fruit and vegetables from around the world, while simultaneously preparing for entrance to other sectors of activity related to the food.

Meanwhile, strategic spatial location of points in the marketing of tradable goods can be anywhere in the world, which is another advantage for the Company, as of ensuring a clear focus on direct distribution of products and direct availability to the final consumer, since our goal is to better and more 'fresh' consumption of our products. 

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