August 2018


Radio taxi Kosmos cooperative began in 1983 in Piraeus.

Today after 35 years of pioneering in the transfer services, is the first company in calls in the Attica Basin with 900 professionals’ drivers and 800 vehicles of the latest technology.

Radiotaxi Kosmos has more than 2 million customers in and outside the Prefecture of Attica and its clientele is continuously increased.

18300 is the number that connect 27 cities and towns

Wherever you may be in any of the following cities ,simply call 18300 and a taxi will arrive in no time wherever you desire .See the full list below

Do you need a taxi right now?

Whatever the way you choose to call Radio Taxi Kosmos ,a vehicle will be in a few minutes at the address of your choice to take you to your desired destination.

  • To call a taxi now ,directly from your smartphone or pc ,you can download the advanced application of Radiotaxi Kosmos
  • call 18300 
  • Also you can get in the and make online reservation

Radiotaxi Kosmos is always at your service,24 hours a day,365 days a year, for simple and specialized services

Regarding the transfers of people and goods.

See below for more details