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Aiming at the effective combat of smuggling, fuel adulteration, fraud and tax evasion, the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR) plans, among other actions, to implement an improved system for the marking of certain fuels as described in the Joint Ministirial Decision No. 30/004/000/539/4-3-2019 ''Procedures and specifications for the marking of liquid fuels that are marked for consumption or are transported or stored within the Greek territory, with markers of molecular technology. Procedure for the sampling and testing of marked fuels and technical requirements for testing equipment.'' (Government Gazette B 803).

According to this legal framework, IAPR calls for expression of interest for the evaluation of products to be used as molecular technology gas oil markers, as well as the evaluation of the product determination test methods.

Natural persons, legal persons and legal entities are invited to submit offers for products suitable for use as national molecular technology gas oil markers.

The relevant ''Call for expression of interest for submission for evaluation of molecular technology products suitable for use as gas oil markers'', can be found attached in Greek and English and you are kindly requested to forward it to those who might be interested.

The relevant links of the Call for Expression of Interest can be found below.

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